2018 Pan American Black Bass Championship USA



USA PanAm Teams

USA PanAm Team 1

USA Bass Team win Pan American Championship.

USA PanAm Team 2

Winners winning medals.

USA PanAm Team 3 Ladies

Michelle Jabala and Shirley Crane Bass fishing.

USA PanAm Team 4

Dudley and Schlarb Bass fishing.

USA PanAm Team 5

Kieth Carson and Jon Cox pro bass fishermen.


1. USA – Scott Martin and Roland Martin – 15.51 kg (34-3)

2. USA – John Cox and Keith Carson – 14.68 kg (32-6)

3. Canada – Cole Bailey and Bruce Leeson – 12.98 kg (28-10)

4. Costa Rica – Carlos Cabero and Henry Marin – 12.86 kg (28-6)

5. Canada – Phil Hegarty and Stephen Hegarty – 12.46 kg (27-8)

6. Canada – Rob Lee and Dave Chong – 12.41 kg (27-6)

7. USA – David Dudley and Mark Schlarb – 12.38 kg (27-5)

8. USA – Shirley Crain and Michelle Jalaba – 11.47 kg (25-5)

9. Costa Rica – Ronny Villalobos and Maricio Monge – 11.37 kg (25-1)

10. Canada – Dave Bairstow and Matt Hubble – 11.25 kg (24-13)

11. USA – Alan Boyd and Kyle Alsop – 10.62 kg (23-7)

12. Canada – Joey Ford and Shawn McCaul – 10.51 kg (23-3)

13. Canada – Spiro Agouros and Fern Campeau – 10.5 kg (23-2)

14. Canada – Brian Hughes and Anais Chaves – 10.27 kg (22-10)

15. Canada – Bob Izumi and Darren Izumi – 10.27 kg (22-10)

16. Mexico – Richie Gonzalez and Arturo Saldana – 9.78 kg (21-9)

17. Mexico – Jorge Bruster and Luis Flores – 9.36 kg (20-10)

18. Mexico – Victor Concha Jr. and Gerardo Ibarra – 8.25 kg (18-3)

19. Mexico – Gabriel Torres and Eduardo Yoshii – 8.14 kg (17-15)

20. Mexico – Alex Salinas and Fernando Salinas – 7.52 kg (16-9)

21. Mexico – Tomas Santos and Cruz Alejando Salinas – 5.8 kg (12-13)

22. Costa Rica – Jonnathan Arroyo and Vincente Naranjo – 4.78 kg (10-9)

USA BASS Team - Lake Okeechobee - PanAm Practice Day

We want the GOLD this time! USA BASS TEAM competes against Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica on Lake Okeechobee. This is the practice day video that shows you the Bass we found.  Scott Martin Video!

USA BASS Team - Lake Okeechobee - PanAm Day One

Team Martin and the USA BASS TEAM Day 1 of the Pan-Am international Bass Tournament on Lake Okeechobee. Mexico, Costa Rica and Canada try to take out Team USA...We want this victory bad!

USA BASS Team - Lake Okeechobee - PanAm Day Two FINAL

My Father and I Team up with Team USA BASS on this final day to try to win the GOLD Medal for USA. We are fishing in Clewiston Florida on Lake Okeechobee against Team Canada, Team Costa Rica and Team Mexico.  Final weigh-ins and medal awarded!

FLW Championship Coverage


Florida bass fishing.

 FLW will assist USA Bass in its efforts to showcase the first-ever Pan-American Bass Fishing Championship Feb. 4-9 on Lake Okeechobee in Clewiston, Fla. 


Bass fishing Championship.

It starts with a dream; then comes the game plan. Pan American Black Bass Championship taking place on Lake Okeechobee at Roland and Mary Ann Martin’s Marina & Resort 


Pro bass fishing

David Dudley and his partner Mark Schlarb figured out the large mouth bass enough to take the day-one lead in Florida Pan American Championship


Scott Martin and Roland Martin sun Gold Medal.

Roland Martin wasn’t happy about fishing with the flu, but his fatigue literally enlightened him and his son Scott Martin to a key detail that sparked a come-from-behind victory 


Bass fishing pro.

Intimate knowledge of Lake Okeechobee bass not only led Scott Martin and Roland Martin to productive areas; it also helped them amass the winning two-day total of 15.51 kg 

2018 Black Bass PanAmerican Championship

PanAmerican Sportfishing Delegation

2018 Black Bass PanAmerican Championship
February 4 - February 9, 2018

-A Pairs (Duos) Tournament-

The PanAmerican Sportfishing Delegation and United States Angling Confederation (U.S. Angling) invite you to the first ever Pan American Black Bass Championship for Pairs (Duos). This championship will be held at the legendary Roland & Mary Ann Martins Marina & Resort on Lake Okeechobee in Clewiston, Florida. All PanAmerican countries are invited to have from one to eight pairs (teams of two) participate. This event will be the starting point for the newly formed PanAmerican Sportfishing Delegation, and will be an exciting challenge for all the anglers from the Americas.

Staff contacts:

Tournament Organizer:
John Knight jknight@usangling.org 

Tournament Director:
Charlie Evans cevans3850@gmail.com

USA Bass President:  
Tony Forte tforte@usangling.org 

Roland Martin Marina resort information here

Fishing Licenses available here 

PanAmerican Sportfishing Delegation will host events in the Americas for warm water, sea & ocean, and cold water disciplines. Countries will be encouraged to highlight their best waters and disciplines to grow cultural and environmental awareness through sports fishing.  

The Best Bass fishing destination on Lake Okeechobee

Rules - Stewards - Agenda

Jon Cox wins god medal.

PanAmerican Bass Ruleset 2018 ENG

PanAmerican Bass Ruleset 2018 ESP

2018 PanAmerican Steward Boater Form

2018 PanAmerican Steward Noboater

2018 PanAmerican Agenda