Mexico World Black Bass Championship 2018

2018 Black Bass World Championship - Mexico

October  28 - November 4, 2018

Lake El Cuchillo, China, Mexico

Arrival - Sunday 10/28

Registration - Monday 10/29

Practice - Tuesday 10/30 

Practice - Wednesday 10/31

Tournament - Thursday 11/1

Tournament - Friday11/2 

Tournament - Saturday 11/3

Depart - Sunday 11/4 

El Cuchillo is part of the El Cuchillo State Park.  The lake is appx. 18,000 to 23,000 acres at normal pool.  The lake is being managed by the government as CATCH & RELEASE, with no commercial fishing or netting allowed.  There is an on-site hatchery with an intense restocking program. 

USA Bass Team


Lake El Cuchillo

This beautiful 40,000 acre impoundment is the first and only lake in Mexico to be designated a state park and as such can only be used for recreational activities. The good news is - NO NETS! That's right, no commercial fishing is allowed on Lake El Cuchillo. We are pleased to offer our clients this new trophy bass lake without nets to impede your fishing or deplete the bass population.

Easy to get to - Located in the state of Nuevo Leon, just 1 1/2 hours drive on paved highway from the town of Monterrey, El Cuchillo is easy to get to with many daily flights from southern U.S. gateway cities. Continental Airlines offers seven daily flights from Houston to Monterrey. You may also choose to fly into McAllen, Texas which is 2 1/2 hours from the lake but you will encounter more federal checkpoints during your drive to the lake as well as possible delays crossing the border back into the United States.

The Fishing - In 2003 B.A.S.S., in conjunction with Mexican fisheries officials and the newly formed Mexico B.A.S.S. Federation conducted a study of Lake El Cuchillo in which they concluded "It has potential to be a great reservoir" and noting "We did see lots of bass in the 5 to 7 pound range and collected a 12 pounder as well." Recent tournaments at the lake have recorded good numbers of 10 pound plus bass being caught. 

The climate at El Cuchillo is comfortable year round which also makes it ideal for groups who choose to visit us during the summer months. During our visit in August, the high temperature was only in the low 90s so we enjoyed long fishing days. This is a catch and release lake and is not used for irrigation or power so lake levels do not fluctuate much.  Thank you for information: Radars Fish & Game  video